Photo by Johnny Favorite

Immersive Noir: Some Days Are Darker unleashes ‘Downpour’

"It was written out of a sense of urgency. It’s about fighting for what you believe in and never relenting"
9 December 2023

Phoenix, USA-based post-punk/alternative rock ensemble Some Days Are Darker, led by the enigmatic Lear Mason, has released their latest single, Downpour. Renowned for seamlessly blending visual elements of gothic romance and the tension of noir cinema, the band crafts a unique audiovisual experience that captivates audiences and transports them into a world of expressive sound.

With its anthemic choruses and moody aesthetic, the accompanying music video complements the band’s ethos of creating art that mirrors life’s contrasts. The video weaves razor-sharp shadows against the heat of burning passions, embodying the essence of Some Days Are Darker’s music—a meaning to the contrasting, all-consuming blackness that defines their artistic vision.

Fueled by dynamic guitar lines, explosive drum beats, and Lear’s brooding vocal prowess, the track delves into themes of conviction, romance, and destruction. Lear elaborates, stating, “Downpour was written out of a sense of urgency. It’s about fighting for what you believe in and never relenting.”

Fronted by Lear Mason, a former metalcore guitarist turned singer-songwriter, Some Days Are Darker is a testament to powerful, emotive lyricism that explores the depths of the self, unearthing expressions of love, lust, and longing that lie dormant beneath the surface. While Mason’s compositions draw comparisons to moody alternative rock icons like Depeche Mode, Placebo, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, they subvert the bombast of stadium-sized acts in favor of an intoxicating intimacy. The result is a form of smoldering voyeurism that draws listeners close, maintaining a romantic tension just out of reach, akin to phantoms flickering upon the silver screen.

With a growing fanbase captivated by their live performances across Arizona and beyond, Some Days Are Darker aims to elevate their brand of monochrome-tinged post-punk to new heights with the release of Downpour.