Solitary Friends are on a mission to make the world dance despite itself

"In three words our sound is FUN, FAST, AND MOODY."
2 July 2022

By Elle B

Sum of More is a new album by Californian pop-rock band Solitary Friends. Hailing from North Hollywood, these guys (Ken LaMere, Michelle McGregor, Nick Liberatore) are on a self-proclaimed mission to make the world dance despite itself, and this album is their attempt at doing just that. It’s a kaleidoscope of noise – belting vocals, twangy guitar, and kick-ass drums coming together in a garage rock explosion with sporadic bursts of colourful pop. 

The lead single Breathe Deep is a great introduction to the band. From frontwoman Michelle McGregor’s powerful delivery of the song’s quirky, cryptic lyrics to the zippy synths and snappy beats, this track sets the tone for the whole album; loud, proud and outside-the-box.

Big Bang is a standout track, with real Blondie and Talking Heads vibes, it’s a zany nonsensical fever dream of a song about not being able to stop hitting your head as you try to get out of the house in the morning – relatable.

Little White Lie is the second single off the album, and it’s got a lot of grit. Here, McGregor’s rock vocals are proudly on display, encased in a punchy in-your-face rock melody that’s got an air of whimsy from the Tears for Fears keyboardist Doug Petty’s contribution. The music video gives us an insight into the meaning of the song – a satirical commentary on ‘fake news’ and all of the ‘’little white lies’’ that are perpetuated in the media every day to keep certain high-profile individuals out of as much hot water as possible.

The album begins to dial down with the mellow Since You Went Away, a song that seems full of melancholy and a yearning for what seems normal. The guitar solo is epic on this track, and gives it that psychedelic moodiness that seems to fit Solitary Friends like a glove. 

We got the chance to speak with Solitary Friends and ask them a couple of questions about themselves.

If you had to describe your sound in three (or more) words what would they be?

In three words our sound is FUN, FAST, AND MOODY.

What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

Moody meaning a little dark/emotional? Lol