Norway’s Answer to Robyn Stuns on a 4-track Pop Masterpiece

By Vee D

Creating a stunning alt-pop soundscape seems to come naturally for Norwegian songwriter Solå, who’s just dropped her latest EP project Feel What I Feel. Full of epic pop songwriting and lush 80’s references, it’s a gorgeous journey through genres such as synthpop, synthwave, electronica and straight-up pop bliss. 

Co-written with frequent collaborator Vetle Junker (Aurora, Softcore untd.) and mixing helmed by Matias Tellez (Boy Pablo, Girl In Red) – The release has a truly distinctive sound that beautifully frames Solå’s songwriting. Tracks such as Feel What I Feel take on a Christine & The Queens style upbeat pop persona, where tracks such as Last Lines rely on a pulsating 80’s groove perfect for fans of Robyn.

Speaking on her scintillating new EP, she states: “My Debut-Ep is best described as the different stages of heartbreak. From Feel What I Feels description of wanting to stay in the love feeling to Cant You See´s hurtful feeling of not feeling adequate, to B Mines feeling of being comfortable on your own, to Last Lines, the last goodbye. For me, it was important to understand my own thoughts and feelings, and its been a huge help writing about it. Now it is yours, and you may read the songs as you please.”


Photo by Isak Okkenhaug