SOFY’s ‘Chaos & Commotion’ underscores her position as Alt-Pop’s enigmatic force

“Welcome to the chaos and commotion era, keep your arms and legs inside the ride and please fasten your seatbelts!!”
27 October 2023

SOFY continues to impress as one of alt-pop’s most vital voices, showcasing her fearless embrace of tumultuous creativity in her latest offering, the 9-track mixtape Chaos & Commotion. This release stands as a poignant reflection of the rollercoaster journey she’s weathered over the past year and a half. From dizzying peaks of love to the depths of despair, from self-assured highs to introspective lows, SOFY crafts a narrative that resonates with raw emotion and unapologetic authenticity.

SOFY’s mixtape stands as evidence of her musical expertise, where each track serves as a unique expression of the various dimensions of her multifaceted personality. From the infectious allure of “socks” to the edgy depths explored in supermarket and WET PAINT, these singles have become anthems that collectively amassed thousands of streams and praise.

In a conversation about her project, SOFY describes it as a sonic journey through her soul. The mixtape showcases her chameleonic musical tendencies, confirming her status not only as a modern-day storyteller but also as a sonic acrobat with the ability to span genres at a remarkably credible level. “Each song expresses a different part of me and the rollercoaster period of time that this record represents; falling in love one moment and out of love the next, going from feeling like I’m on top of the world to feeling like the world is moving without me, frustration and hope and anger and humour. I’ve lived, breathed and been totally engrossed in this world for the last year, so I just hope everyone straps in and enjoys the ride with me.”

Leading the charge in this sonic adventure is the aptly titled single YoYo. With a chorus of anthemic potential, the track opens a new door for SOFY, delving into a darker, edgier soundscape with thrashy guitar riffs and slurry vocals. It sets the stage for the chaos and commotion era, as SOFY boldly declares,
“It definitely feels like an evolution of my sound, so I immediately wanted it to be Track 1 on the mixtape because it’s a bit of a statement – “Welcome to the chaos and commotion era, keep your arms and legs inside the ride and please fasten your seatbelts!!”

Chaos & Commotion marks a significant milestone for SOFY, as it represents her inaugural project under the banner of the esteemed independent record label, Chess Club Records. This collaboration comes on the heels of SOFY’s remarkable debut at Glastonbury, a successful tour across Europe, and three sold-out headline shows in London. Notably, her single Big Talk secured a coveted spot on the FIFA 23 soundtrack, rubbing shoulders with artists like FKA Twigs and Rosalía.

The momentum only intensifies in 2023, with SOFY supporting Tash Sultana and touring the UK with the buzzworthy band 49th & Main. BBC Radio 1 has been a steadfast supporter, championing every live release of Chaos & Commotion on their Future Pop show.

The imminent UK headline tour, featuring a three-night residency at The Grace in London, is anticipated to deliver an exhilarating live performance, further cementing SOFY’s position as an emerging star worthy of keen recognition not just in 2023 but also in the foreseeable future.

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