Sofia B is a delicate songwriter, who conveys emotion in a laid back and melodic way, but losing none of the passion in the process. Her latest single, ‘Soldiers’, is just Sofia, her guitar (plus some light backing) and her enchanting voice.

She’s got one hell of a range, her voice coping beautifully with both the low and high ranges and working wonderfully in a harmonized double track. The guitar is simple – there are no flourishes, it’s simply there to move her story along, and let her words do the talking.

The song captures the feelings Sofia had when she visited New Orleans for a much needed break, and the soldiers in question are all of us – life is a war, we all have our battles, and the only thing you can do is pick yourself up and carry on. It’s a particularly poignant message given New Orleans recent history, current world events and Sofia’s ongoing battle with Crohn’s disease.sofia-promo-03A nice departure from the daily turmoil of life, this song is a welcome relief with a strong and positive message. We hope to hear more from her when her EP drops later in the year. You can also download her cover of ‘Years & Years’ King – Produced by by Brooklyn DJ Kandylion for free.

Soldiers is out now via Montiel Records.