Following the sizzling release of her previous EP, ‘That Isn’t You’, Paramore’s Hayley-approved + self-styled “Pop done right”, Berlin-based hot & talented Spanish artist Sofi de la Torre, reveals sultry new track from her forthcoming ‘Mess’ EP, entitled ‘London x Paris’.

‘London x Paris’ was co-written with Sofi’s long-term Finnish producer Jonas Karlsson and songwriter Axel Ehnström. Watch the video for ‘London x Paris’, shot, directed and edited by herself…

Sofi reveals…”I have been exploring melancholic and smooth vibey tracks for a while…There was a part of me that wasn’t really being put out there…The sassy, not-so-easy-to-handle Sofi that nobody has really experienced so far. This track felt like the perfect thing to release at this moment in my career. It’s upbeat, it’s fun and it’s messy!”

Sofi…You are a “Paramore’s Hayley-approved Berlin-based hot & talented Spanish artist”… Please tell us more. And… Is it true that you “make music & eat burgers”?

Haha yeah I love a good burger. Bacon cheeseburger? Forget about it, I’m done. Best thing ever. Other than that, I make music yeah. Haha.

Can you describe your new EP, ‘Mess’, in 5 words?

Bold, sexy, pop done right.

This is the EP’s lead single, ‘Mess’…

What were your influences whilst writing it?

I have a lot of people I look up to for sure but I think I wasn’t heavily influenced by anyone in particular with this EP. I just zoned out and that was the result.

How much of the real Sofi, can we find in your songs?

Every single bit.Sofi de la Torre4 Can we say you are a genuine self-made pop artist?

Yeah 100%. I do everything myself, partly because I’m a control freak but mostly cause I just love the process. For me the music isn’t done until all the visuals are done and it’s a complete body of art.

You describe your sound as “pop done right”…Could you briefly reveal your music-making process?

Yeah, 90% of the time I write on beats. Sometimes inspiration will strike and I’ll have no beats to write to so I just grab the instrumental of an existing song and come up with something myself. Funny story: my song ‘That Isn’t You’ was written over the Beyonce “I Miss You” beat. You’d never say, cause the final track sounds nothing like it, we re-produced the whole thing obviously. But I wrote those words and that melody, whilst “I Miss You” was playing on the background. You gotta do what you gotta do!

What are your dreams and goals?

I’m really ambitious and not provincial at all with what I want to achieve with my music. Go big or go home.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Frank Ocean is pretty iconic for me. Through listening to his music I realised how important lyrics are.

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there

November 19th, Rockwood Music Hall, NYC – be there because who wants to miss out on pop done right? Also, drinks on us.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©