Sock Drawer drop ‘Serious Tune’

"What would we be listening to? We're not sure, but it would probably be a serious tune"
3rd November 2023

Brighton’s indie-alt-pop scene has birthed many notable acts, but none quite as enigmatic and captivating as the elusive duo, Sock Drawer. The bewitching melodies and sophisticated arrangements of the musical enchantment known as Serious Tune, released via Salt House Records, are set to make a serious impact on both our auditory senses and cognitive realms.

Keeping their identities shrouded in mystery, Sock Drawer is a force to be reckoned with, focusing on their music’s emotive depth and creative ingenuity. Ebony, one half of the duo, offers a glimpse into the captivating genesis of Serious Tune.

Ebony, who is one-half of Sock Drawer, clarifies: “It started with a riff and a beat. Sat on the floor in Michael’s studio, surrounded by drum machines, tape echo, and synths, we decided to pretend we were sitting on the back of a bus in the 80’s. What would we be listening to? We’re not sure, but it would probably be a serious tune.”

The allure of Sock Drawer extends beyond their studio walls. A remix of Serious Tune featuring Shadow Child, the ex-Radio 1/Rinse FM DJ and recent Kungs collaborator, recently gave fans a taste of the duo’s brilliance. This remix seamlessly blends the duo’s influences, infusing chilled synths, breakbeat-inspired rhythms, and captivating vocals. The enchanting reinterpretation has already caught the attention of industry leaders, earning spots on Apple Music’s Electronic playlist and Amazing Radio’s C-List.

The duo is currently working with acclaimed producer James Dring, known for his work with Gorillaz, Jamie T, and Georgia. Dring will be co-producing Sock Drawer’s debut album, adding another layer of anticipation to the already mystifying journey of this emerging musical force.

As Sock Drawer continues to navigate their enigmatic path, audiences worldwide are left eagerly anticipating more of their musical magic. With Serious Tune as their pharos, the duo’s journey promises to be as enigmatic and captivating as their sound.