Social Media and Business

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. Billions of people now spend a considerable amount of their time interacting on social media. In this social media era sharing new, trends, products and services has become easier. Social media has made communication and dissemination of information very easy as people are now more interconnected through different social media platforms. Continuous growth in the number of people on social media has changed the advertising approach which was used prior to social media era.

Use of Social Media in Businesses

Some businesses and sales people have shifted attention from web based advertising to social media advertising. This is due to huge target market population on social media. Many brands now have pages on different social platforms. These days information can be easily channelled to the desired audience cheaply and efficiently through social media platforms.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp let their users to post, upload videos, pictures, documents and website links.

Each of the different platforms allow the user to perform the desired task. On the other side of technology, social media is an important digital marketing tool especially for software engineers or applications developers.

Most applications are now available and can be installed from a social media page which can perform that task. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat just to mention a few are now business oriented as their companies are generating revenues from adverts.

It is not only real money online casinos that are monetizing their online presence, play
online gambling Canada online gambling Canada as most of the popular social media platforms are now listed on the major stock exchange. Social media platforms are increasingly used by many companies to interact with their customers and this can be done in real time.

Social media is no longer serving only a purpose of linking friends and relatives but also of joining businesses and their clients. Clearly, social media is now an essential marketing tool.