Social Kissing, Gifts And Bribes

In the world of the 21st century international travel and communication with people in foreign countries is commonplace; a very normal part of our everyday existence both on a social and business level.
Yet, how well do we understand and respect the etiquette and customs integral to other cultures? Our lack of understanding may not only cause offence but could potentially be a real deal-breaker.

In Social Kissing, Gifts and Bribes: How To Get On With People Worldwide, Frederick Marsh provides a down-to-earth handbook on how to negotiate the minefield of blunders and faux pas when working, or being entertained in a foreign country or when hosting foreign guests in your own country.

This book will appeal to many different readers, from busy executives and officials with limited time to prepare for visiting foreign countries, to tourists and students wishing to better understand the customs and way of life of people in foreign countries.

Frederick Marsh has met and worked with people on every continent. In Social Kissing, Gifts and Bribes he uses his sense of humour to share his expertise and practical advice. Cultural differences are illustrated with amusing anecdotes and gaffes making this both an entertaining and informative read.

Social Kissing, Gifts and Bribes: How To Get On With People Worldwide
by Frederick Marsh