By Frank Bell

So Solid Crew member MC Trigga presents his new project Vvs1 and unleashes convincing track called El Fuego ft Marno Soprano.

So, what’s up Vvs1? What’s on your mind right now? 

Making Good Music 

Tell us everything about your new single ‘El Fuego‘ and your collaboration with Marno Soprano. 

After hearing the beat, I knew it was a track that I wanted to make into something fun, a song that got everyone up to dance to and pushed out a positive vibe whilst writing the lyrics in 3 different languages: English, Greek & Spanish. I wanted to feature a young upcoming artist and Marno was the perfect artist for this track as it shows our two generations can work together on a funky upbeat song that entertains everyone sending out a positive image & message. 

When did you start writing music and singing? 

I started writing music in 2000. 

Really liked your music video. Talk a bit more about it. 

The video itself was shot in Shaka Zulu, this was the perfect setting for this song as it had many areas we could film in throughout the day. We used a sword welding belly dancer to go in theme with the Arabian flute in the track and we also booked 2 fire tamers as the track is called EL FUEGO meaning FIRE! I wanted to keep the video focused on us two artists and the whole feel of the music which is portrayed throughout. 

You are closely working with So Solid Crew. How’s the collaboration with them? 

We are all working on & progressing in our own ventures at present so everything I am doing as an artist is via my own new label DNA Records CY with my own new team. I have a few tracks in the pipeline with Mac and some of the others but I don’t want to give too much away at this stage. 

Which animal would best suit your personality? 


Who are your musical icons? 

2Pac, Biggie are my all time musical icons 

What was the first album you purchased? 

2unlimited No Good For Me 

Which artists are you listening to right now? 

Chip, Mac, Ayrton Alexis 

How would you describe your fashion style? 

Just like a chameleon I like to blend in with any style that is suitable at the time. 

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you? 

2021 is going to be a massive year for me with regards to releasing all my new music, including El Fuego out 26.03.2021, I have a few LIVE shows booked in for the summer and I plan on collaborating with a lot more artists prior to releasing my album.