Smokers Corner take you on a journey with their new album ‘DRXG$ IN SPXCE’

"Our music is just an extension of our lives and how we live, helping us to deal with and interpret our emotions"
23rd January 2023

The hip-hop trio Smokers Corner – composed of DIHY, PhiloTheGhost, and Gweilo – recently released their new album DRXG$ IN SPXCE, delivering powerful rhymes and beats. It’s a total escape from reality.

The Australian group states: “Our music is just an extension of our lives and how we live, helping us to deal with and interpret our emotions“. DRXG$ IN SPXCE is an impressive exhibition that displays great material and craftsmanship, the trio is crafting their own brand of global Alt Rap and Hip Hop out of Wollongong in South Wales.

Pretty obvious they wanted to take things in a new direction with this project, so they opted for a darker vibe and some edgier lyrics. Things kick off with the twinkly synth loop and trap beat from New Cheque – a proper statement of intent from the trio.

Up next is Pull Up, a banger with an awesome video of the guys riding around the city in a car. After that, DRXG$ IN SPXCE takes you on a mystical and bittersweet journey.

Smokers Corner delivers their rap with a chant-like flow and throws in some sharp punchlines and mumbly choruses to talk about toxic relationships, stackin’ cash, sippin’ lean, and getting faded on ‘xannies’. The production has a really cool, futuristic sound, this music is super trippy with ethereal synths – it’s like you’re being taken away by the band itself.

‘Spaceship’ has some engaging lyrics that you won’t forget, like “Fell in love now I’m running for the hills”. This album shows respect to the early emo rap artists, like Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION. You can definitely hear their influence in its tracks.

We’re taking a deep dive into Smokers Corner, not just looking at the surface. Looking for a wild ride into hip-hop, psychedelia, and captivating characters? Then ‘DRXG$ IN SPXCE’ is the perfect album for you.

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