SLOW SHUDDER Shares Dreamy Electronic Gem

The Seattle-Based Pop Creator Shares NOW TIME FOR GHOSTS

By Vasco Dega

Expertly blending elements of pop and electronic, the talented songwriter has revealed an incredibly unique pop gem in her new single. 

A woman of many talents, the new single was created during the peak of the Covid-19 lockdown. Fully mixed, mastered and written by Slow Shudder, you can hear her unique production style throughout the track. Combining softer elements with an emphatic production style is her trademark. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, she states:

“Living through a time when it’s difficult not to be fearful about the present and the future, I’ve found a lot of solace unpacking what I do have a better grasp on – my memories. Until recent months, like many others, I haven’t had much time in my adult life to take a deep look at so many of my ‘ghosts’, of which I mean elements of my subconscious…”

“When lockdown went into effect, I began having daily dreams about the first person I romantically loved, who unexpectedly passed away just over four years ago, as well as other people in my life with whom I was previously involved. I recognized that there were a lot of unprocessed emotions there, which I’d compartmentalized over the years instead of fully accepting and feeling…”