Slade drummer Don Powell unleashes his first album with The Dreamers

"We’re really just a bunch of old lads doing what we like"
14th April 2023

Don Powell was an original member of the renowned English rock band Slade, and he had excellent know-how when it came to producing chart-toppers.

He’s back with his band The Dreamers this year, unleashing their debut album – a mix of blues, rockabilly and sheer energy. It’s called It’s Never Too Late to be a Rockstar, released via Wienerworld. The Dreamers are a group of experienced Norwegian and Danish musicians: Helge Solberg, Knud Moller, Henrik Littauer and Erik Ove Anderson (aka Curly Erik).

Slade had a huge impact on the UK singles charts in the 70s, dominating it and often outperforming competitors like Wizzard, T. Rex, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music and even David Bowie.

Don was incredibly successful in the UK, having twelve Top 5 singles, three of which even topped the charts. He has been creating music and performing live shows for decades and is still going strong!

He went for an authentic sound, got a five-piece ensemble together, and recorded it all live in the studio.

The title of this album was taken from a slogan used by an organization based in Tromsø in Norway (home to the northernmost university). This org works with people who are in need and strives to give them hope.

“We like the message. We’re really just a bunch of old lads doing what we like, and it’s inspiring to feel, that even at our age there is no lack of energy in our musical output, and to see that people actually have a great taste for it. So I guess it is never too late to be a rock star” according to the always entertaining Don.

The new album has a lot of tracks that maintain the original style of the artist. It also includes some added goodies like gospel singers, saxophones, harmonica and organ – all played by Mick Gallagher (from Animals, Clash and Blockheads).

The Animals‘ classic, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, is paid tribute to at the start of this record. Don also goes back to Slade days with a new version of their hit Far Far Away, released in ’74.

Don Powell, the band’s frontman, has shown that their trademark rock music style is here to stay. Just like Slade‘s success in yearly music charts, this record proves that their legacy remains strong and vibrant.