Skye Houston. Navigating the complex terrain of Love with ‘Heart Over Head’

"It's about the battle we face when caught in a relationship that drains us, yet we find ourselves drawn back, time and again, by an undeniable connection"
19 February 2024

Rising talent Skye Houston, bridging the musical landscapes of West London and New York, unveils her vibrant new track, Heart Over Head. This track, set to the rhythm of mid-tempo, lo-fi beats intertwined with vigorous drum patterns, invites listeners on an introspective voyage. Houston delves deep into the essence of a flawed relationship, where feelings overshadow logic, showcasing her ability to weave emotional depth with a nuanced understanding of love’s complexities.

Houston’s vocal prowess, marked by its fluidity and dynamism, rides the waves of the song’s production, bringing to life the internal struggle of choosing between the heart’s desires and the mind’s counsel. Her lyrics, rich with introspection, explore the tangled web of love, desire, and decision-making, resonating with anyone who has navigated the turbulent waters of an imperfect romance.

Behind the creation of Heart Over Head, Houston shares a glimpse into her personal muse – the turmoil and allure of a toxic relationship. “It’s about the battle we face when caught in a relationship that drains us, yet we find ourselves drawn back, time and again, by an undeniable connection”, Houston explains. This song is a reflection on the challenging decision to follow one’s heart or head, especially when love blinds us to the point of overlooking our well-being.

Houston explains: “Heart over head is about the difficulties that you face when being stuck in a toxic relationship. No matter how bad this person is for you, you always find yourself going back because the love and lust you have for them is undeniable. Making the decision to follow your head or your heart is challenging. When we are in a toxic relationship, we always want to listen to what our heart is telling us to do. But sometimes our head is telling us otherwise, making it difficult to make the right decision”

Skye Houston’s musical journey began at 13 in London’s Shepherd’s Bush, mentored by Stereophonics’ former drummer, Javier. This foundational experience, combined with her exploration of R&B, soul, and pop by age 16, marked the start of her impactful career as a songwriter and singer. A philosophy enthusiast, Houston weaves her introspection and deep thought into her music, enhancing its emotional depth. Her move to New York for further studies reflects her dedication to growth, both personally and artistically, as she continues to share her inner world with listeners, offering a window into the soul of an artist courageously exploring her emotions and experiences.

As Skye Houston delves deeper into her personal experiences and emotions through her music, she provides listeners with a glimpse into the essence of an artist bravely navigating the complexities of her inner world.