Skye Houston’s ‘Company’: A Musical Quest Navigating the Intersection of Love

"It's about being stuck in limbo between doing what is actually good for you in the long run and doing what feels good in the moment when it comes to love"
22nd November 2023

Identifying as both an overthinker and deep thinker, Skye Houston proudly declares her passion for philosophy. Hailing from West London, she reclaims the spotlight with her latest energetic R&B and pop single, Company. This dynamic track, characterized by pulsating beats and soulful vocals, becomes a heartfelt homage to the complexities of love and the ongoing conflict between immediate desires and long-term gains.

The accompanying music video for Company is a visual delight that encapsulates Skye Houston’s free-spirited energy. Each frame is a carefully crafted scene that mirrors the ebb and flow of the song’s lyrical intensity. From leisurely beach strolls to dreamy picnic settings, the video paints a raw and honest portrayal of the internal struggle between heart and mind, providing viewers with a captivating journey through the emotional landscape of Skye Houston’s soul.

Drawing inspiration from the influential 2000s pop era, Skye Houston effortlessly weaves a narrative that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Collaborating with New York-based producer Spacey Kay, renowned for his work with industry heavyweights like Juice World and Azealia Banks, Company transforms from a smooth R&B slice into an ambitious West London club anthem.

“Company is about being stuck in limbo between doing what is actually good for you in the long run and doing what feels good in the moment when it comes to love,” Skye Houston explains. ​“The song, equally at home on the dance floor or in the bedroom​”​

This release follows the success of Skye Houston’s recent singles, Intimacy and her debut track, Joyride, which marked a significant turning point in her career. Inspired by her relocation to the United States, Joyride not only kickstarted her musical journey in a new territory but also ignited personal growth and a deeper understanding of her identity. 

Born and raised in the bustling city of London, specifically Shepherds Bush, West London, Skye Houston found early inspiration in her surroundings. Mentorship from Javier, the former drummer of Stereophonics, played a crucial role in her decision to pursue music, teaching her the art of songwriting. Skye’s dedication to her art surfaced at the age of 16, a moment when she recognized her capability as both a successful songwriter and singer.

Studying philosophy has not only served as a means of channeling her anxiety and profound thoughts but has also influenced her music. Her move to the Big Apple to pursue her studies indicates that Skye Houston is not only an artist with an incredible reservoir of music but also an individual on a journey of personal growth and understanding.

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