SKY FERREIRASky Ferreira unveils Cid Rim remix of ‘You’re Not The One’, from her long-awaited UK debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’ released March 17th on Polydor.

Rather than being just another docile popstar, Sky is someone who steadfastly refused to play by the rules, to fit into any easy box…

Check out the videos for two of the sparkling pop gems off the album: ‘You’re Not the One’ and ‘And Night Time, My Time’.

“Night Time, My Time”, executive produced by Ferreira, its her very personal vision which coalesces her very distinctive tastes into a coherent whole, from her love for artists such as Suicide and Cat Power to counterculture filmmakers like Gaspar Noe (who shot the provocative artwork) and David Lynch (whose film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” inspired the title track). skyThe album is at once undoubtedly idiosyncratic and – given the protracted recording process – brilliantly cohesive, blazing with fury and defiance throughout.