sky ferreira1Check out some exclusive snaps of Forever21 Festival 2013/Desert Disco shoot featuring the wonderful Sky Ferreira. Her amazing ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ EP is out April 8 in UK.
Sky-Festival-2013-Lookbook-1Recently Sky was called a “classic downtown It Girl”. “It implies that you’re part of a moment and that you don’t have any talent,” she says. “I hate when people call me a socialite because you have to have money to be a socialite, which I don’t have. Because I go to parties and I’ve been out I’m suddenly a party girl?”

“There are people who party way harder than me. Also, it’s not anyone’s business, I’m 20 years old! Am I meant to be staying at home popping out children? Are we in the 1800s?”Sky-Festival-2013-Lookbook-4sky ferreira2Sky-Festival-2013-Lookbook-2
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