Skins – The chaotic lives and lusts of teenagers is back

E4’s landmark drama series Skins is back with ten brand new episodes that follow the chaotic lives and lusts of a group of spliff-toting British teenagers.

It’s been six months since Tony’s (Nicholas Hoult) collision with a bus – remarkably he isn’t dead, but he sure isn’t the same person. As if waking up with a body that doesn’t work properly isn’t tough enough, getting back on top of things is even harder when your friends are all acting totally weird.

Sid (Mike Bailey) can’t get his head around the fact that his best mate is a shadow of the man he’s always looked up to. And to top it he finally got the girl, Cassie, only to have her whisked off to Scotland by her crazy parents. Sod’s law. But to Cassie (Hannah Murray) it’s totally okay because they’ll email all the time and then one day she’ll come back and they’ll live happily ever after… yeah right.

Michelle (April Pearson) is lost without Tony too, and her Mum has gone and married yet another man – but this time there’s a step-sister involved who’s intent on trying to make a move on her mates. Maxxie’s (Mitch Hewer) got hell at home too because his Dad (Bill Bailey) doesn’t want him to follow his dream of being a dancer. Even Anwar (Dev Patel) has changed since he bagged himself a secret girlfriend called Sketch (Aimee-Ffion Edwards).

Her mates are mixed up, but Jal (Larissa Wilson) is throwing off the good girl image and letting her hair down. And Chris (Joe Dempsie) – well getting expelled wasn’t his finest hour – but now the party animal is stepping out on his own so at least his future is bright… what could go wrong? And while all around is falling apart, it’s Effy (Kaya Scodelario) who’s taking control.

Series two features a host of new guest appearances. including Shane Richie, Bill Bailey and Josie Long. who will join returning guest stars Harry Enfield, Arabella Weir, Geoffrey Hughes, Josie Lawrence and Peter Capaldi.