SKELETONS2New York-based Skeletons, the ambitious collective led by musicians around composer, songwriter, filmmaker Matt Mehlan, release ‘Am I Home?’, their ninth studio album on Shinkoyo, and in Europe via Altin Village and Mine.

The intriguing Matthew Mehlan-directed video for ‘Don’t Smother It’, is a segment of their complex and compelling art-jazz infused euphoria.

The album was recorded & produced by Matthew Mehlan & Jason McMahon at Roulette, New York.SKELETONS3For ‘Am I Home?’, Mehlan and long-time Skeletons collaborator guitarist Jason McMahon gathered an eclectic bunch of NYC instrumentalists: Greg Fox (Liturgy, Zs, Guardian Alien), Mike Pride, Justin Frye (PC Worship), Matt Nelson, Mike Gallope (Janka Nabay, Starring), Sam Kulik, Sam Sowyrda (Cloud Becomes Your Hand), Nathaniel Morgan, and Caley Monahan-Ward (Extra Life, Voice Coils), among others.