By Frank Bell

Siselabonga is an afro-psychedelic trio whose members seem to be in constant flux, oscillating between Senegal and Switzerland. They are singer / kora-player Tarang Cissokho, guitarist Glauco Cataldo and drummer / percussionist Fabio Meier. Their music is dusty, mesmeric and deeply rooted in the musical traditions of West African.

Their latest single Warnamataken from their forthcoming EP of the same name, is  a syrupy blue jam full of heartbreak and yearning. The song was written on the spot, almost ad lib, as a response to Tarang receiving the news of his lover’s indiscretion. You can hear the pain in his quivering, mighty voice. It sounds almost like a prayer, a man reaching out to the heavens to find some solace above.

The instrumentation winds around his words, it’s almost comforting, reassuring  and steady like a caravan cutting across the desert planes. Warnama is a beautiful way to introduce a new chapter in the band’s evolution: Siselabonga gone electric. The EP is set to drop on the 18th of September. Stay tuned!