Sion unveils genre-bending EP ‘Sociavoidance’ and prepares for International Tour

"I dove into different subgenres such as indie electronica, abstract hip-hop, alt R&B, and glitch pop, while trying to bind together all these different sounds in a cohesive manner through tons of sound design"
19 June 2024
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German-born and now based in South Korea, Sion has carved a niche for himself with his latest EP, Sociavoidance. This 5-track project marks a significant departure from his previous works, blending indie electronica, abstract hip-hop, alt R&B, and glitch pop into a seamless sonic journey. Following the success of his February release O.o, Sion delves deeper into themes of disassociation and introspection within modern-day relationships.

Sociavoidance unfolds as a deeply personal exploration of Sion’s fears and desires surrounding social interaction. Each track on the EP, from the glitch pop-infused opener avoid! to the introspective moon!, reflects his evolving emotional landscape and artistic growth. Sion’s meticulous attention to sound design and genre-blending ensures that Sociavoidance not only captivates but also challenges listeners’ expectations.

Sion explains: “This project marks the beginning of a new journey for me musically. I dove into different subgenres such as indie electronica, abstract hip-hop, alt R&B, and glitch pop, while trying to bind together all these different sounds in a cohesive manner through tons of sound design. I’m not sure, and kind of scared about how it will resonate with my audience right now. But at some point, I needed to progress, and this work certainly gives me the courage to experiment with even more genres and styles going forward in my career. I want to be remembered as an artist who has many facets but maintains a distinct colour, and I’d like to believe that this album is a good start in the right direction.”

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Sion reveals, “Thematically, this album delves into my current fears and desires, particularly surrounding social interactions and relationships. The intro track reveals my growing disillusionment with human connections, leading me to pull away from most of my existing relationships. The realisation that the pressures and expectations of social life can drive someone to consider ending their life has left me wary of forming new bonds. This album has become my primary way of communicating, as traditional conversation no longer feels sufficient.”

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Germany’s The Voice (Season 10) served as the springboard for Sion’s remarkable rise, taking him from European stages to the bustling streets of South Korea. His breakout single Braindead soared through Korea’s Top 100 charts, garnering attention from industry heavyweights like NCT’s Mark and V from BTS. Taking cues from Frank Ocean and Porter Robinson, Sion weaves together an infectious sound that defies genre boundaries. Glitch hop, jazz, indie rock, and pop converge in a way that’s both wildly experimental and unexpectedly catchy.

Accumulating accolades from Rolling Stone Korea and the Korean Music Awards, Sion recently sold out his debut headline show at Rolling Hall. Collaborating with K-Pop luminaries including Yong Jun Hyung and Big Naughty, Sion showcases his versatility as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist—from keytar and guitar to piano and DJ turntables.

As Sociavoidance sets the stage for Sion’s international tour later this year, fans can anticipate an electrifying live experience that mirrors the EP’s genre-defying spirit. As the countdown begins for Sion’s next releases and boundary-stretching endeavors, the anticipation is palpable – he’s on the cusp of cementing his status as a true game-changer in the music world.

You can feel the energy building around Sion, a artist on the cusp of something major, with a swirl of anticipation that’s drawing in fans, critics, and anyone else who’s lucky enough to catch wind of this rising star. Imagine a place where boundaries are blurred and the rulebook is ripped up – welcome to Sion’s world of Sociavoidance, where the composer fearlessly weaves together sounds and ideas that were previously unheard of.