Two piece Blues-Punk act Wet Nuns, released their new single, ‘Throttle’ as free download. In support of this release, the band are embarked on a 23 UK Date tour, which kicked off in Leeds on February 10, and finds the band dropping into the Limelight, Belfast, on April 5, so be sure to get your tickets quick!

‘Throttle’ is a very ballsy, punk rock track, with plenty of “oomph” to bang your head to.
The scratchy vocals somewhat resemble Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures in my opinion, with some of the guitars sounding like the beginning of “Plug In, Baby”, by the delectable Brit rock-band, Muse.

“Growling” and “explosive”, ‘Throttle’ is everything you’d expect to come from Wet Nuns, with big riffs and an ugly drum-beat stamped all over the track.

Wet Nuns are sure to excite and entertain fans at the Limelight on April 5, so my advice would be to get your tickets quick, you’d be mental to miss out!

Tickets are available from
By Livy Kerr