‘Tuesday’: Chris McGinnis shares a flavoursome piece of Americana-folk storytelling

A notable and offbeat post-breakup song emerging mightily from the musical landscape of the Deep South.
16 September 2022

By Vanessa B

It’s not Tuesday anymore, but singer-songwriter Chris McGinnis‘ new single has been stuck on repeat in my head since, a notable and offbeat post-breakup song emerging mightily from the musical landscape of the Deep South.

Hailing from North Carolina, McGinnis sonically weaves richly-flavoured tales of dysfunctional and disillusioned personalities with consummate flair in songwriting, performance and production. With his debut full-length album, Mamaw’s Angel, McGinnis delves deep into an entertaining exploration of the engaging themes of the turmoil and skirmishes faced by these characters, from their points of view as they struggle on the sidelines of their own existences. Sharing some insight into the focus of the album, the Raleigh-based raconteur said:

I think this album is largely about manic loneliness. These songs are ultimately about people who are afraid of losing their relationships. They refuse to accept that they may have already lost these relationships, and they refuse to accept that they are to blame.

Tuesday opens listlessly as its narrator begins to opine on the emotional wreck he finds himself in, having lost claim to the object of his affections. Our dour and brooding narrator makes some halfhearted attempt at first to remain stoic in the tempest of his anger, loneliness and heartbreak.

As McGinnis dolefully declares: “It’s Tuesday and it’s rainin’ / and there’s no better way of explainin‘/ this lonesome feelin’ has me feelin’ so alone.”

Sure enough, however, his languid country drawl soon picks up to a hollering pitch of wounded bewilderment and desperation in the second half, crescendoing into the eye of the storm as he seemingly unravels altogether, “swervin’ all over the road”. As McGinnis explained further:

The characters in these songs are all incredibly flawed. I wanted to write songs that expressed truly ugly emotions. Loneliness, anger, denial, regret. The characters are all being eaten away by these feelings, and it motivates their words and actions. But I also think that that is how some of the absurdity is palatable.

Despite its brevity at just over a minute and a half, Tuesday packs a memorable punch. With its Americana timbre, big-band sound capped off with brass, and McGinnis’ warm and rustic folksy vocals, this song stands out as the perfect accompaniment to a lonesome heart on a gloomy day.

Check out the music video for Tuesday and connect with Chris McGinnis through his website and socials below.