Single Review: Max Raptor – ‘Carolina’

Ballsy punk Midland’s quartet, Max Raptor, have released new single ‘Carolina’, an infectious hook-filled chant, taken from the bands mini-album, “Portraits”.

‘Carolina’ tells of a girl who knows no way of escape from her alcoholic and abusive father and a fragile yet narcissistic mother, apart from using her sexuality.
Her younger brother is unemployed, and tries to be his own father. Not a lot going for this family at all.

It could be suggested that this song is a musical illustration of today’s society – not that we all have psychotic families. But unfortunately, for some, this is the only way of escape.

‘Carolina’ is a very catchy tune, with a chorus that is guaranteed to stick in the heads of many, and in my opinion, resembles the sounds of early Ramones material. It exudes teenage angst, and allows for the younger generation to relate to the lyrics.

All in all, ‘Carolina’ Is a fantastic teenage anthem, that will no doubt be a hit, both in the charts and on the dance floors of many a rock club.

Carolina is available to download from 28 February, with Max Raptor’s debut mini-album “Portraits” out now on Naim Edge Records.
By Livy Kerr