Singer Who Turned Down JLS Releases First Single ‘Diamonds and Pearls’

London singer who turned down JLS to complete Degree in Advertising officially releases his first single on The Mix Radio today.
Christian Jules, rising star and cousin of JLS band member Oritse Williams who turned down the chance to join JLS before their X Factor fame hopes to mirror their fame with the release of his first single ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ which is being played exclusively on The Mix Radio today throughout September.

Jules, who despite their success couldn’t be happier for the JLS lads and has been supporting them the whole way.

“I don’t regret it. Oritse is my family and I am so proud of him and the boys for what they have achieved. When they were in the latter stages of the X Factor I was there supporting them and they are supporting me now too,” says Jules.
Jules, who was raised in a religious family and brought up in Hammersmith, London can now embark on his journey to music stardom after sticking to a family promise.

“I was raised in a single parent family and my mum has always done so much for me in the past. So my reward to her was staying in school and getting my degree, which is the reason why I had to make the decision to turn down JLS.” Adds Jules.

Diamonds and Pearls will be played first today between the hours of 7pm and 9.00pm GMT on The Mix Radio throughout September.