Singer-songwriter Kailey Tenn’s soothing and heartfelt EP ‘Forever Is Finite’

Warm and down-to-earth, Kailey’s distinctive vocals radiate with heartfelt and effortless authenticity.
7 August 2023

How long is forever? Is forever something that even exists? What does it really mean when we promise “forever”? These are some of the questions that come to mind when considering the paradoxically titled brand new EP Forever Is Finite, by Kailey Tenn.

The 23-year-old Songwriter/Producer was born and raised in Long Island, NY, and grew up with music surrounding her. In childhood, Tenn was introduced by her father to the likes of Lionel Richie and David Foster, while her family’s roots in Jamaica introduced her to the uplifting nature of Reggae music. Later, bands of the 2010s alternative music scene like Paramore and 5 Seconds Of Summer added another dimension to her repertoire of influences. She claims that for her, music has always been about connection, and this EP is a testament to that. 

You can hear Kailey’s diverse influences come together in a fascinating blend of orchestral elements, electric guitars, piano, drums and synthetic sounds on Forever Is Finite, a collection of songs that all deal with heartbreak in a thoughtful and easygoing narration, with a very cool 90s/2000s feel to it.

Warm and down-to-earth, Kailey’s distinctive vocals radiate with heartfelt and effortless authenticity. It’s hard to say that Tenn sounds like anyone in particular, though comparisons can be made with some of her personal favourites like Chelsea Cutler and Jon Bellion. 

Speaking about the EP and its universal themes, Kailey shared, “My main goal when it comes to making music is to connect with people and help them feel better, or at the very least, feel seen. Forever Is Finite covers a wide range of emotions commonly experienced on a healing journey. Each song is a dedication to different facets of that emotional voyage, from sadness and anger to realization, happiness, and letting go. I’m excited to share this personal collection of songs and hope that listeners find comfort and inspiration in the music, no matter what point they are at in their lives or what their music taste may be. There is something for everyone on this EP.”

The EP opens on a melancholy ballad Happier where Kailey laments “You look happier without me”, accompanied by a despondent full band arrangement.

1772 is a gently catchy track that opens with a phone call recording of a voice professing their love for their significant lover and features some really nice early 2000s-esque electric guitar.

The narrator’s passing confusion and disillusionment in the midst of the breakup is conveyed simply and effectively with lyrics like: 

“I have a lot of questions

I won’t ever get the answers to

I guess that’s cool

Cause sure I’ve got things to hate you for

But they’re never more than all the ways that I adore you

Drives me crazy”

Finally, the closing track I’m Not Your Friend ties things off nicely, making peace with the way things are in order to move on to bigger and better things.

The lyrics read like unsent letters to an ex while the narrator goes through the motions of disbelief, sadness, anger, holding on and eventually letting go. While there are difficult emotions like sadness, anger and disappointment explored, the overall tone is affirmative, resolute and resilient. It highlights a sense of peace in the realisation that while everything may have a beginning and an end, the end of one thing always makes space for something new.