theidleman MAINSummer tends to be short lived in Britain. While we spend much of the year layered up to protect us against the elements, we get a few days where temperatures hit the mid to late 20 degree-mark and we suddenly have to dig out our ‘summer wardrobe’.theidleman1As a result we can end up throwing together an outfit that does the job of keeping us cool and eliminating most of the sweat, but does very little for us in terms of style.

So, with that in mind, here are a few simple summer style mistakes and how to avoid them – before you make them!

Summer style mistake 1: Flip flops or – even worse – socks with sandals!

While flip flops are a big no-no, unless you are sunning yourself on the beach or by the pool, socks with sandals are an even bigger no-no – in fact, do yourself a favour and avoid socks with anything during the summer months.flipo flopsHow to avoid: Avoid the dreaded socks with sandals by investing in a pair of canvas slip-ons. They are lightweight and comfortable while still being stylish and ideal to team with any outfit.theidleman3In order to go sockless without ending up with cheesy feet, get yourself some invisible socks – they will be hidden inside your shoes but avoid any discomfort.

Summer style mistake 2: Short shorts

Shorts that end just underneath the bum cheeks are never ok. Even stars who have tried to bring them back have been met with ridicule. How to avoid: The optimum length for shorts is just above (or just on) the kneecap. In terms of colour, stick to a dark navy or black or a lighter sandy colour – and you should find they fit in well with your entire wardrobe.CR TOO SHORTSummer style mistake 3: ¾ length shorts

On the other end of the short spectrum you want to avoid ¾ length shorts. How to avoid: As above, aim for shorts that finish on or just above the kneecap.theidleman6Navy knee skimming shorts are all over the catwalks this year, so you are guaranteed to be bang on trend with these.

Summer style mistake 4: Unbuttoned shirts

No one needs to see your nipples poking out of your shirt because you have it unbuttoned to your navel. More than two and you have already gone too far.The Idle Man2How to avoid: Of course you don’t want to feel restricted in the heat but simply undoing a couple of buttons and rolling your sleeves up to the elbow will help you keep cool. Or go for a short-sleeved linen shirt, which is both stylish and breathable as well as being suitable for casual or dressy occasions.

Summer style mistake 5: Too much colour

Just because the sun is out it doesn’t mean you have to wear a rainbow of bright colours.cluesfashionHow to avoid: Aim to add a bright pop here and there. Take a look at 11 Degrees clothing here for some t-shirts with a splash of colour. Another great look is the flower pattern on t-shirt pockets and/or sleeves – ideal to give your outfit a tropical feel without going over the top.