Simple Spring Cleaning And DIY Ideas That Can Make A Big Difference

By Vanessa B

One year into lockdown after the arrival of covid-19, things are starting to improve very slowly but surely. With the arrival of vaccines and a decline in the number of daily cases, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past months, however, it has been difficult for many people to make progress in various aspects of their lives, especially for anyone who has had to stop working, for example, or had to put other life plans on hold. Much of our lives have transitioned online, which can feel intense. Now that the flowers are blooming and birds are singing again, it’s a great time to consider some of the small things that can be done, to help make daily life in lockdown and in a post-covid world that little bit better. Check out our simple ways to improve your life, along with our additional tips below.

Spring Cleaning & DIY

As we are spending so much more time at home and indoors, it makes sense to decorate, declutter, and arrange your home in the best way possible, and what better way to refresh your space than with a spring clean? Whether you need to rearrange a room to accommodate a workspace or want to spruce up some areas of your house with some  DIY repairs and painting, there is plenty of advice available online that can help you undertake these tasks yourself. For larger tasks like replacing furniture or appliances, take the time to shop around to find the best option for your home. Refer to online guides like our guide to buying bathroom faucets for the more daunting DIY tasks to ensure you are well-prepared. There are many odd jobs around the house that can help elevate your home without needing a large investment. Other tips for elevating your home with a spring clean include:

  1. For anyone who is working from home, make sure you have a comfortable desk or workspace. Declutter everything you don’t need and keep the things that spark joy and help you stay organised and productive. 
  2. Clear out any clutter from cupboards and get rid of items you no longer use or need
  3. Replace or repair any broken items around the house before they get worse
  4. A simple, fresh coat of paint can work wonders in uplifting the energy of a room and is one of the most affordable ways to makeover space
  5. Investing in some new storage boxes and baskets is a great way to help organize household items
  6. Don’t forget that windows, walls, and blinds need some love too! Dust settles everywhere and keeping on top of it will help make your space healthier to breathe in
  7. Vacuum your mattress and give your duvets and pillows a wash, as well as any throw pillows and blankets. According to Martha Stewart, your bed pillows should be washed at least every six months, and most can be machine washed 

Clothing: Repair, Discard or Donate

When it comes to clothing, a spring clean is an ideal time to assess items in your wardrobe and donate or get rid of items you no longer wear. Old garments that can no longer be worn should be discarded and ideally recycled or reused somehow, while items that are still in good condition can be donated. Another great tip is to repair old clothing rather than choosing to get rid of it, for instance, if your favorite old leather jacket has a tear, you can use a leather glue to fix it. Leather is one of those fabrics that just gets better with age and repairs with an appropriate glue can help prolong the life of your most-loved garments. Likewise, mend knitwear, socks, or holey shirts by hand darning them or even upcycling them into a funky new garment with the help of a sewing machine. Get creative with it! Cultivating the habit of caring for and repairing your clothes is much better for the planet and your pocket in the long run. 

Many people around the UK are using this time to complete those odd jobs around the house, and DIY projects and spring cleaning are invaluable tasks that can be done before life goes back to being super busy from day to day. For some, spring cleaning can be even an antidote to stress and anxiety. Although lockdown has meant that we have far less choice in how we spend our days, it has provided other opportunities and using the time to invest in our homes – whether it is a time investment or a financial investment – is an opportunity we can all take advantage of.