Reaching the peak of your fashion potential isn’t easy, or cheap! But for those of us who care about the fashion choices we make, there are a number of simple tricks we can use to greatly enhance our look without having to resort to buying an entirely new wardrobe.

A Sturdy Handbag

While it is one of the more expensive ways of enhancing your look, a new handbag can make a great deal of difference. As long as you budget for it appropriately, however, it is a worthy investment.

Handbags come in a variety of styles, materials, and colours, so there should be something out there to enhance any look and to suit any style. When you are choosing a handbag, think about the balance you want to strike between form and function. You should get a handbag that is as practical as it is stylish.

Add a Fragrance

Finding the right fragrance is the perfect way to top of any outfit. There is a whole world of scents out there to explore. There will probably be several that you particularly like. When you are using fragrances apply a small amount to your skin, never to your clothes themselves.

In order to make your scent last as long as possible, you should remember to apply some to your lower body as well, not just the usual pulse points like the wrist and neck. Blending fragrances can also be effective, but make sure that you don’t go overboard, else you will ruin the effect.


Accessorizing is one of the most effective ways of enhancing an outfit, and also one of the most cost- effective. There are endless options as far as accessories go. If you are putting together a summer look, a nice pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference.

Outside of the summer months, some inexpensive jewellery can be very effective. If you choose the right jewellery, few people will know it’s inexpensive without getting up close to it.

Collect Classic Coats

There’s nothing quite as stylish as a good coat. Other than in the summertime, a decent coat is as practical as it is stylish. It doesn’t matter what the outfit underneath is like, the right coat will instantly mark you out as a fashionista.

Certain coat styles, like the leather trench coats popularised by The Matrix, seem to never go out of fashion. The same is true of denim and leather jackets.

Pay Attention to Detail

The best outfits are those that pay attention to the smallest details. You might not think that anyone is going to get close enough to notice any imperfections in your look, but rest assured someone will.Whenever you notice a loose thread or you decide that the presence of togs on your coat is spoiling your look, be prepared to make some adjustments.


You can save yourself a lot of trouble by sticking to more high-end fashion choices. Check out Ssense for a range of quality fashion items that are guaranteed to last.

Have it Tailored

Even the simplest of adjustments can turn a relatively cheap dress into something completely special and unique. If you have some old clothes in your collection that you don’t wear these days and you want to breathe some new life into them, take them to a tailor and see what they can do.

If the worst should happen, and one of your favorite pieces should become damaged, a tailor might just be able to save the day. In fact, the right tailor will be able to spin the situation to your advantage and seize the opportunity to transform the piece.

Invest in a Steamer

Steamers are much more effective than conventional irons and they deliver some impressive results.

No one wants to go out in wrinkled clothes, especially after the time and money you’ve spent on putting your outfit together.
In order to ensure that you aren’t plagued by the scourge of wrinkled clothes, make sure to fold them as soon as you have taken them out of the drier. You can then use your steamer the night before you plan to wear them to make doubly sure that there are no unseemly wrinkles present.

Stick with Bold Colours

Earthy colours tend to make your outfits look drab and can easily undermine an otherwise good combination. Instead, use bright and bold colours, especially primary colours, to create a vibrant look and to really bring your outfit to life.


With regards to patterns and prints, just be careful not to overwhelm. If every piece you’re wearing has its own pattern and colour scheme going on, your look will be too busy for anyone to take in and appreciate the individual elements. Sometimes, it is better to show restraint.

Minimal Makeup

If you overdo your makeup, you will be taking attention away from your outfit. That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear makeup, but sometimes it is better to keep it subtle.

With these simple tips, you can enhance any look. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next outfit, check out this guide. Once you’ve gone through the process a few times, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed!