SILVRE Drops Dark And Brooding Debut Track YOU DON’T REALLY LIKE HIM

By Vasco Dega

The exciting pop artist Silvre drops You Don’t Really Like Him, the first track from her debut EP, to be released in 2021. Partnering with Alix Robson and Chris Selfe, this anthem features low bass, distorted violins and Silvre’s own soaring vocals, which are both catchy and powerful. 

“The single is about the concept of finding love with people who have struggled in previous relationships,” explains Silvre. “But funnily enough, those struggles are what made you fall in love with them.” 

This isn’t your average love song however, with a dark and brooding feel, while Silvre herself is a unique popstar. With ambitions “to remove unrealistic expectations of appearance and vanity in a modern society,” her music is a tool for good and for social movement. And with hits like You Don’t Really Like Him, her debut EP looks to be as catchy and unique as its lead single.