Siki Daha shares ‘LCS’: a sonic ride through the pressures of external judgment

"Wistful horns that pave the way for an infectious hook—“Like, like, comment, comment, subscribe.”
3 October 2023

Hailing from Australia with roots extending to Pakistan, Dubai, and Europe​, Siki Daha returns to grace our ears with his latest musical offering, LCS. Siki Daha, a seasoned singer/songwriter, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of chill and ambient vibes in this single, unraveling a profound commentary on the intricate web of social media. With smooth vocals and introspective lyricism, Daha takes us on a sonic ride through the pressures of external judgment and the complexities of online interactions.

The track boasts layered harmonies, spoken questions that mirror the weight of societal expectations, and wistful horns that pave the way for an infectious hook—“Like, like / comment, comment / subscribe.” Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as Aaliyah, Sade, and Michael Jackson, Daha skillfully infuses their influence into his distinctive sound.

With decades of honing his craft, Daha’s musical journey includes a pivotal moment in 2004 when he received mentorship from the legendary Natalie Cole, who was captivated by his demo tapes. His resilience and voice against racism shone through when he appeared on Australia Idol in 2007, going viral for confronting blatant discrimination during the interview process.

Daha’s global experiences, from London to America, culminated in the release of his debut LP, Equanimity, a collection of tunes exploring love, loss, and life across Greece, Spain, Turkey, and France. Subsequent releases, including Love or Logic and SIKANDAR, showcased his versatility by blending traditional South Asian sounds with an R&B flavor.

The forthcoming album, MEN, promises to be a personal revelation, delving into Daha’s experiences as a queer, brown, South Asian artist. Beyond his musical endeavors, Daha founded the Music Roof music school and the non-profit organization I BELIEVE In Me, dedicated to uplifting and providing resources for young artists, particularly BIPOC women. A documentary highlighting the positive impact of the non-profit in Australia is in the editing phase, complemented by a children’s book that has already hit the shelves.

Siki Daha‘s impact reaches well beyond the realms of music, thanks to his roles as an entrepreneur and mentor. “LCS” stands as a testament to Daha’s dedication to addressing social conflicts and providing commentary.

Keep an eye on Siki Daha, his influence is set to resonate not just this year but in the times to come.