SIIGHTS unveils ‘Nobody Like U’ video | A real summer feel!

The second convincingly catchy single, called ‘Nobody Like U’, from Irish/Scottish songwriting and production Duo SIIGHTS – Mia Fitz from Dublin and Toni Etherson from Glasgow – gets a stunning and suitably summer-breeze video, shot in the Philippines, Thailand and Bali by Mark D Acoba.

Toni explains: “Mia wrote this really cool drop while I was home in Scotland for a few days, she sent it over to me and I loved it. It had this really nice feel and we decided to work on it more when we got back together .

The track was centered around a real rhythm section Reggaeton feel, Mia being a drummer and percussionist puts a huge focus on the rhythm section and feel/groove in our tracks ..the rest of the track was really built around that. The track has a real summer feel!

Concept wise it’s centered around the idea of romance and travel..just forgetting everything for a while and living in the moment!”

On the video she says: “From very early on we both had really strong ideas about what the visuals would look like for our project, it’s such a huge part of our vision & really important to us.

So we have a small team of people we work with who are amazing & our awesome videographer / film maker friend Mark D Acoba filmed the video across his travels in his home town in The Philippines as well as Bali & Thailand. Being from the Philippines gave mark the edge on knowing exactly where to shoot to give us the most tropical, paradise feels for the video & we love it.”