SIIGHTS share ‘Lights Out’ lyric video

Irish/Scottish songwriting and production duo, SIIGHTS – Mia Fitz from Dublin and Toni Etherson from Glasgow – talk about their first official single called ‘Lights Out’, another slice of their feel good and infectiously lush offering.

“We wrote the track in LA on an old piano – Mia and Toni explain – it’s a song about a relationship breaking down when you’ve finally had enough of a toxic situation and building yourself back up again…When it came to the production/instrumentation we wanted it to be an anthem for anyone who has felt the same…So it is driven by the drums with a big drop with that hypnotic guitar riff. It’s probably the most ‘dance’ sounding track we have, and it felt right to put it out at this time of year just before summer hits.

We do have an acoustic version of the track which we plan to release soon also.”

On their live performances the smart duo reveal: “Our live show is going to be full band and high energy. Although we write and produce everything ourselves in the studio, we are musicians first and foremost and both of us come from live performance backgrounds, so our live show Is something so important and fundamental to both of us.

We love being on stage & performing…we can promise everyone a really fun show! We have a few festival bookings lined up for this summer which we will be announcing very soon so keep an eye on our socials!”