SHYLER Unleashes New Single ‘180’

By Frank Bell

Making his momentous return with his latest track 180, Shyler has dropped a new trap rock anthem dedicated to gaining momentum in a time when the rest of the world has come to a stop. His wistful lyrics and captivating delivery is framed by the intense electronic beat throughout. 

“This song is about going fast. When all of the recording artists were forced to rethink our touring and travel plans I felt like the world was trying to slow us down. This song is an expression of that. I also feel that I wrote this track to express how fast the cycle of existence can go. Your life can begin in one moment and end in seconds really…”

Having first gained interest with his self-produced track Screaming Inside back by 2017, Shyler has consistently produced new material, remaining in a constant state of creative abandon. With 180 being no different, Shyler will be going from strength to strength in 2021.