SHSH second album, ‘The Great Paradise of Tomorrow’, delivers a heavy dose of pure metal paradise

"We are currently working on an intentionally edgy metal movement - 'Kill alt/indie'”
24 August 2023

Prepare to have your mind blown by the Lithuanian industrial thrash band, SHSH. These guys bring metal fans a heavy dose of pure metal paradise. The insane and passionate thrashing welders are presenting their second record, The Great Paradise of Tomorrow.

Meet Shvininiai SharvaiSHSH: Orestas Motužis, aka Mastermind (the band leader and main songwriter), rocks the lead guitar. Kristupas Gylys, also known as Saxocutioner, nails it with his killer vocals and saxophone skills. Martynas Remeikis holds it down on rhythm guitar as Edgelord. Joris Lingė slays on bass guitar as Mr. Lead. Last but not least, Manvydas Paura brings the beats on drums as Riot.

The Great Paradise of Tomorrow is like a chilling reminder of the risks posed by both past and future authoritarian regimes. It’s scary to think about being stuck in a futuristic nightmare society.

“We invite you to explore the Great Paradise of Tomorrow and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Just remember to watch your back…”

Get used to the

Status quo

This is it

Democracy’s on death row

Now admit

You reap what you sow

This is it

From the stunning Lithuanian gentle classic chorus to its kickass opening and the heavy-hitting fierceness of Morgen, it’s got a real power to it. And let’s not forget about Homeopsychopathy – that track with the insanely intense saxophone is an absolute blast. It definitely packs a punch!

We totally get what this band is all about – they bring the noise of their wall of sound with a cheeky attitude, epic live shows, killer metal riffs, and a funny twist on dark subjects.

SHSH‘s music is absolutely massive, and what makes it even cooler is that each band member goes by these super cool and crazy names. Not only that, but they also rock some seriously awesome costumes, making them look like real-life superheroes.

So, this band is basically made up of 5 welder characters, each with their own unique personalities:

Mastermind (welding mask with huge teeth – headstrong, passionate, visionary), Saxocutioner (welding mask with cut-out for mouth – playful, flamboyant, wild), Edgelord (welding mask with sharp cut-outs on top and bottom – brutal, edgy, satanic, over-the-top, violent), Riot (reflective mask that looks like the riot police headgear – intimidating appearance, clumsy, kind, caring), Mr. Lead (welding mask with moustache – laid back, cool, old-school, formal).

SHSH, burst onto the scene back in 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. They’ve been making waves in their homeland and now they’re ready to conquer the UK and beyond with their latest album release,

This second impressive album was created by the talented Mastermind. Pavel Daniels did all the engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering to make it sound amazing. And let’s not forget about the cool album cover illustration by Rimas Valeikis.

The band’s strong bond that started way back in high school also shines through in the way the band makes their music, as they explain below:

“At the time of our first release our band had only 3 members (lead by Mastermind) and the project was a just a way to have fun and creatively experiment with all sorts of musical styles, lyrical themes. The first album was certainly crazy and different than the status quo, which helped us stand out and gain a foothold in the Lithuanian metal scene. It could be said that due to us starting out the project back in high-school, our sound and approach has remained playful, passionate and fun to this day.

Mastermind uses many different guitar brands for composing, recording and live shows – to keep the musical journey dynamic and interesting but his favourites are Jackson guitars, due to their build quality, sound and look. Mr. Lead plays a Dingwall bass and loves its gnarly tone. We don’t use in-ear monitors or clicktracks and rely on simple earplugs and stage monitors, to keep the natural groove going during live shows.”

The band area on a mission, as they explain: “We are currently working on an intentionally edgy metal movement – “Kill alt/indie”, which claims that the current music scene and metal festivals have been consumed by “lazy and pretentious alternative and indie rock bands that all sound the same”…

Lithuania’s SHSH is the ultimate in industrial thrash metal. Their intense intensity and energy levels are unparalleled. Let’s go!