With the recent launch of Northern Ireland’s very own group buying website, TreatTicket, bargain hunters can look forward to enjoying feel good treat offers at huge discounts from some of Northern Ireland’s top spas, hotels, restaurants and entertainment outlets. By registering for free with, people right across Northern Ireland have the opportunity to get fantastic daily treat offers sent directly into their inboxes each day; so even without the pre-recession funds we all once had for treats, it’s a fabulous way to sample a luxury lifestyle, but at a hugely discounted rate which works for the pocket!

Businesses too can benefit by signing up to offer discounted treats to a whole new range of potential customers, indeed the directors believe that TreatTicket should be an integral element to any company’s marketing mix as it opens up business to potentially thousands of people through the daily emails, a heavy online presence and social media marketing which the company will be involved in. Managing Director for Treat Ticket Mary McCall, said: “Everyone’s lives are so busy these days so we really need to make the time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Austerity is in fashion and money is tight, plus our local businesses need the people of Northern Ireland to support them – so TreatTicket works for everyone.”

So, whether it’s a deluxe salon haircut, manicure and massage combo for just £24.00, a discounted meal at one of Northern Ireland’s top restaurants or a day out with the family at a great selection of venues throughout Northern Ireland, is the place to go to.

With lots of partners right across the entertainment and hospitality sectors, as well as a sign up process that’s completely free with no obligation to ever buy a treat, it’s the perfect choice for busy mums or business executives alike. And the choice of offers makes gift-buying easier too.

To sign up to Treat Ticket, log on to and start treating yourself a little more – while your pocket stays happy.