By Andrea Clarke
Photo by Fabrizio Belluschi
NORTHERN Ireland shoppers spend a whopping 20 million hours buying Christmas presents, according to a new survey.
But the figures showed despite this effort the majority of gifts will end up forgotten, particularly by men, with fewer than one in 10 able to remember who gave them what last Christmas.
The poll also found people in Northern Ireland are savvy when it comes to festive purchases with 73 per cent already well underway with their Christmas shopping by the first week in December.
Only five per cent leave it to the last minute while 15 per cent admitted to shopping for Christmas in the January sales.
The research was conducted by who said a magazine subscription is the best gift this year.
Nicola Rowe from the website, which offers thousands of titles, said: “People across the UK spend millions of hours on their Christmas shopping hoping to ensure that their present shows how much they care.
“However, once Christmas is over it’s easy for people to forget just how much thought and effort went into trying to find them a gift to remember.
“Nine out of ten people say a subscription to a favourite magazine would be a welcome gift, and it makes a truly unforgettable present – its arrival through the letter box being a regular reminder that you care throughout the year”.