Shining New Alt-Pop Track BROWN EYES From PIERS

By Lucio F

Somehow managing to combine the relaxed vibes of Americana with the charming attitude of Rock ‘N’ Roll, singer-songwriter Piers has created an undeniably irresistible listen-in, Brown Eyes. Framed by an airy and relaxed beat, this mesmerizing new offering from Piers serves as his sophomore single and a surefire summer anthem. 

Sharing with us his process behind creating this new track, Piers explained: “For ‘Brown Eyes’ I teamed up with platinum producer Adrian Zagoritis. The song was great fun to make as we tried to capture a 70s glam rock feel with a modern twist – full of life and summer energy! I wrote the song on an acoustic guitar with a southern American blues feeling original but it evolved into a more upbeat and rockier song”

Spending years honing his craft busking across the streets of London, Piers has created an authentic, uncomplicated and entirely unique sound that he first displayed on his debut release, ‘This Time’. Showcasing his bewitching talents again on his latest track, ‘Brown Eyes’, Piers is quickly becoming an artist to watch.