SHIIVERS Quickfire Questions

After debuting themselves with their first single ‘Animalism’ earlier this year, London-based duo SHIIVERS have found themselves developing a strong and devout fanbase these last few months. With many comparing their sound to the likes of Portishead and CHVRCHES, the pair have since returned with their brilliant new offering Crook And Flail.

So with the hype building faster than ever, we sat them down to find out more about who they are; most importantly their musical inspirations and what we can expect from them before the year is out.

Tell us about the SHiiVERS project to those who might not know. 

Hello! We are Clara and Tom, a two-piece from London making electro dance tracks. We love songs that tell a story, dark, hooky basslines and beats that get you on the dancefloor. We only started a year ago but played our first festival earlier this summer and can’t wait to do more!

What was the first album you both purchased?

Tom: Can’t remember my first album for certain. It was either Abbey Road by the Beatles or the decidedly less cool Waking Up The Neighbours by Bryan Adams. However I remember my first ever single: Do the Bartman on 7″ Vinyl. I still have it. 

Clara: Mine was ‘Seal’ by Seal. I remember watching a Top of the Pops re-run he was featured on and being mesmerised by him. I was very late to the party…but what a party.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Clara: I really admire Imogen Heap for her courage and the way she plots a rollercoaster of emotions musically and lyrically. Bowie for his showmanship and the little worlds he created. Interpol, Crystal Castles, MGMT and M83 are old favourites, Orville Peck and ZHU are current ones, as well as the awesome recommendations we’re getting from followers.

Tom: I’m not sure who I’m influenced by because I never end up making tracks that sound like them (as much as I try to). But bands/artists I love are Radiohead, The National, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Chopin, Debussy, Jon Hopkins, Early 2000’s Drum and Bass. Recent albums I’ve loved are Grey Area by Little Simz and When I Wake Up by Maverick Sabre. 

What is your new track Crook And Flail about?

Clara: It’s an homage to the unsung hero – everyone working really hard in underappreciated circumstances who will likely never get rewarded or acknowledged. We were toying with the idea of what would happen if these people were to rebel, whether they were the faceless armies building the wonders of the Ancient World or united individuals today. 

What’s in store for SHiiVERS in 2020?

We’ve got a music video coming out for Crook and Flail VERY soon. We’ve got London gigs lined up, and then gearing up for our third and fourth single releases at the start of next year! Lots to be getting on with…

SHIIVERS’ latest single Crook And Flail is available to stream and download now. Have a listen to it below.