By Andrea Clarke
SINGER has vowed not to end up in rehab like other young celebrities.

The star, who’s mother is Irish, won the first X Factor back in 2005 but said the support of his family will keep him out of rehab.
The pop singer told Digital Spy: “I won’t end up in rehab.
“My family and friends help to keep me grounded and wouldn’t let me get out of control”.
However, he does “feel sorry” for Hollywood stars Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, who both recently did stints in a rehab facility.
“People like Britney and Lindsay have been in the public eye a lot longer than me”, he added. “And they’re under much more scrutiny and pressure so I feel sorry for them”.
Shayne, who’s double A side single No U Hang Up and If That’s OK With You is out next month, has been spending time in LA working with producers for his new album, due to be released in November.
The singer recently shot the video for No U Hang Up in Kent and is set to surprise fans with a more American sound.
He posted on his website: “The album is now 95 per cent finished and is sounding great.
“I can’t wait for you all to hear it”.