Shane Rennison’s IRRATIONAL: A soulful reflection on love and heartache

"This song is about when your partner overreacts to a situation and ultimately acts “irrationally”, doing more harm than good"
6 June 2024

Growing up in the picturesque Catskills of Upstate New York, singer-songwriter Shane Rennison is preparing to release his latest album, IRRATIONAL, on June 28, 2024. Imagine slipping into a dreamlike state, surrounded by music that pierces the veil of everyday worries, speaking tenderly to your deepest longings – that’s what this album promises.

The title track, Irrational, dives  into the theme of overreaction in relationships and its devastating consequences. When bae exaggerates every little thing, it’s like throwing gasoline on a small fire – the damage ends up being way worse than the original issue. With songs that resonate like confessions, Rennison expertly weaves together poignant verses and infectious hooks, turning listeners’ personal heartaches into shared experiences. Self-reflection and clear communication are the stars of the show in Irrational, a real-deal anthem that boldly celebrates sane, soulful relationships. 

With a pleading tone, Rennison asks the question that echoes in the silence of lonely nights: “When will you come home?” – a haunting reminder of the ache that settles in when loved ones are away. The emotions swelling beneath Rennison’s new single are impossible to ignore, mirroring the tumultuous inner landscapes we’ve all struggled to navigate at some point. 

This song is about when your partner overreacts to a situation and ultimately acts “irrationally”, doing more harm than good” reveals Rennison. “You try to be there for them but we’re all our own worst enemy in the end. You wake up one day and you’re all alone on the brand new floor that they begged you to put in. All the work of a relationship gone in an instant because they couldn’t handle the problems that they brought on themselves. “When will you come home?” I ask. But no one answers cause no one really knows.”

With every strum, Rennison distills the human experience into tender, gut-punching ballads that somehow feel like ripped-from-the-pages excerpts from our own secret diaries. Countdown underway, Rennison gets the album rollout started with Irrational, which thrillingly testifies to his rapid growth as an artist and flair for writing music that genuinely connects with people. 

No matter where you fall on the Rennison fandom spectrum – loyal enthusiast or fresh arrival – his latest indie-pop gem is set to radiate a tantalizing charm that pulls you in from the get-go.

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