Shaefri Shares ‘Joanne’

By Frank Bell

Irish-British songwriter Shaefri has just dropped her critically acclaimed new single ‘Joanne’, a powerful piece of music that’s full of feeling, evocative moments, and emotional charge. A raw, affecting piece of piano-driven pop, Shaefri showcases her songwriting prowess and vocal tones with incredible skill. 

 “I was inspired to write Joanne after seeing Leonard Cohen live – Shaefri explains – the way he portrays Suzanne as a torturous siren inspired me to want to almost write a “little sister” for her, ‘Joanne’, and take the character further, displaying her as a gritty, tough woman in unimaginable circumstances, and explore how she has to walk a line between siren and self-preservation. I wanted to paint a more realistic picture of how certain actions and consent can be misinterpreted or ignored and how abuse can so easily take place, especially in sex work.’

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