SHAED Reveal Stirring New Single ONCE UPON A TIME

By Frank Bell

American pop trio SHAED have returned with an eye-popping music video for their new single Once Upon A Time, a dancing orchestral ballad that portrays the spilling emotions from a first relationship.

Utilising strings from the 13-piece Macedonian FAME’S Orchestra, each verse is methodically plucked in a lulling rhythm to set the stage for lead singer Chelsea Lee’s rising vocals, before crashing at the height of its build up into a choir of strings on the chorus. The track ends with one final movement as the trio unites to the heartwarming string piece beneath them, ending the single on a more feel-good or hopeful note.

With Once Upon A Time representing the ups and downs of being young and in love, SHAED explain how “First relationships are filled with intense feelings of love, hope, doubt, and regret. Remembering our first relationships feels like swimming in a golden haze of fragile beauty. We wanted this song and the music video to capture that feeling.”

After their breakout global hit, Trampoline, was followed by No Other Way, which was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, SHAED now approach 2 billion streams worldwide. This new single comes from their highly anticipated 2021 debut album and shows a trio that will clearly keep on rising.