SHAB and Fat Joe cast a spell with ‘VooDoo’: A resonant reinvention of a hip-hop classic

It's been almost twenty years since Lean Back dominated the airwaves and dance floors, but they're coming back strong with this lush rhythmic reboot.
7 September 2023

VooDoo is the fruit of the sparkling collaboration orchestrated by the Persian American pop star SHAB and hip-hop icon Fat Joe. They’re taking the iconic hip-hop track Lean Back and putting a fresh spin on it. Fat Joe, with the help of his rhyme partner SHAB, is bringing the fire with their new joint called VooDoo.

It’s been almost twenty years since Lean Back dominated the airwaves and dance floors, but they’re coming back strong with this lush rhythmic reboot.

VooDoo introduces freshly crafted lyrics that boast an irresistible line: “I got the Prada, Balenciaga | House of Gucci, Lady Gaga.”

Reflecting on the project, SHAB shares her excitement, saying: “I was thrilled when Joe agreed to take part in this extraordinary project. I remember as to how nightclubs would come alive whenever the initial beats of ‘Lean Back’ would trumpet from a sound system — and to think that years later I would be working with the legendary Fat Joe is still amazing to me.”

In this captivating interpolation, Fat Joe collaborates for the first time with the mesmerizing SHAB, backed by her long-time Grammy-winning producer, Damon Sharpe (known for his work with artists like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Minogue), and hip-hop producer Duke Richman.

For SHAB, VooDoo is a follow-up to her June 2023 release, Indestructible, which emerged as a superpower-charged anthem with remixes making waves on the European club scene.

In late 2022, SHAB showcased her captivating vocals during her debut tour, supporting Anastacia on her European ‘I’m Outta Lockdown’ tour. Several months later, she mesmerized audiences as a support act for the super-duo Boyzlife, composed of members from the multi-platinum boybands Westlife and Boyzone.

Beyond her music career, SHAB‘s personal journey is nothing short of inspiring. At the age of 14, she arrived in America, alone, with a single suitcase and no English knowledge, as a refugee from the fundamentalist revolution in Iran . Despite the odds, she managed to finish her university studies and briefly attended law school before committing herself to writing and performing music full-time.

SHAB is not just an artist but also a voice for women’s rights in Iran, boldly opposing what she calls ‘the gangster regime’ in Tehran.

SHAB‘s story is a testament to resilience, embodying the idea that true beauty emanates from within. Her interests in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga further reflect her commitment to personal growth and inner strength.