Sexy Peaches Geldof gets a bit flashy

peaches utimo1aPEACHES Geldof looks a dream in Miss Ultimo’s new range of ultra-chic underwear aimed at young trendies.

Peaches said: “Working with Miss Ultimo is fun and exciting. They’re the number one lingerie brand in Britain, so to be asked to be the face of their new range was very flattering. “Miss Ultimo is young and fun, with just the right amount of sexiness and stylishness. It’s is a great brand which has come up trumps again.”

Peaches says she loves this stylish and sexy line inspired by 50-s. She thinks the collection calls to girls who like to mix underwear from different sets and who like both dressing and undressing themselves.
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peaches utimo4Miss Ultimo underwear is sexy, coquettish and a bit flashy. But what’s more important, according to Peaches, it feels comfortable and fits well.

She’s previously said: “It’s better for young people to see someone like me modelling than a skinny model. “I have an achievable body.”

Ultimo creator Michelle Mone, 37, added: “Young women have gone crazy for the designs, which proves that Peaches has a big fashion following.”

Miss Ultimo is available from Debenhams –
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