By Vee D

Seth King has released his punctual response to what for many has been a tarnished and hard-fought year. 2020 Got Me Feeling Like, the lead single from the EP of the same name, is a topical evaluation of the times, delivered in a rock-pop package. 

A delicate piano accompaniment introduces the song, progressing into a beautiful arrangement of guitar lines and percussion that allow Seth’s powerful voice to soar above, accentuating its meaning through the powerful delivery of the lyrics. His musical intelligence and ability to articulate a story are reminiscent of talents like Billy Joel. 

For Seth, 2020 got me feeling likeis “hopefully a rally cry. A collection of songs that solidify the thought that, now is the time to actually do something about the world’s current situation. It’s not happy or sad. It’s a question, do you believe that you can do something to help the world? If so, don’t you think that now is the time to do it?” 

Seth possesses both a deep felt love for storytelling, taking inspiration from both elements of his own life and the wider world to create music with charm and personality. The EP exposes his pure understanding of music as well as a clear cut ability to translate that understanding into song. As the first release of the year for Seth, 2020 Got Me Feeling Like is an encouraging sign of what’s to come for the rock-pop sensation.