Septembersong: A new musical retreat in the heart of Oxfordshire

As summer's warm breeze turns into a gentle whisper, Septembersong roars to life, injecting a shot of creative adrenaline into the heart of the music community
6 July 2024
Carson McHone

The innovative team behind the celebrated Wood Festival, Wood HQ, is unveiling Septembersong, a new, immersive cultural experience. From September 6-8 at the picturesque Braziers Park in Oxfordshire, this festival aims to prolong the summer spirit through an exciting mix of music, artistic expression, and community engagement. s more than just a music festival—it’s an exploration into the essence of creativity. 

Classic Albums Live

Emotionally charged performances are the name of the game with this lineup, which features heavyweight singer-songwriters like Danny and the Champions of the World, Jackie Oates, Tim Wheeler, and Carson McHone. Veterans of the mic and maestros of melody, this stellar lineup dishes out an addictive blend of rustic Roots and cosmic songcraft, guaranteeing a fully immersed audience experience. “Song Fishing” – it’s more than just a workshop. Led by Dan Whitehouse, this workshop encourages participants to embrace their creativity and trust their instincts. 

Science Talks

Attendees can also enjoy special tribute performances, including a live rendition of Gram Parsons’ Grievous Angel. By putting people and the planet first, Septembersong takes a refreshingly honest approach to doing business. Echoing the ethos of Wood Festival, it strives for minimal environmental impact and maximum social engagement. At the Old Ways Makerspace, creativity meets sustainability with hands-on activities that bridge the gap between art and nature – think basket-weaving, forest-bathing, and more. 


Family members of all ages will find something to love at our event. In our Junior Makerspace, kids can let their curiosity run wild, playing, learning, and creating in a space that’s equal parts fun and educational. Braziers Park, with its historic house and grounds, offers more than just natural beauty—it provides a space for conscious community interactions, equipped with permanent eco-friendly infrastructure. For those less inclined to traditional camping, pre-pitched bell tents with comfortable amenities are available, making it easy to enjoy the festival in comfort. 

The Marquee

Septembersong i​s a movement towards more thoughtful, environmentally conscious gatherings. With tickets available at an early bird price until the end of June and special rates for combining it with the next Wood Festival, it’s an opportunity not to be missed for anyone looking to prolong the summer vibes with meaningful music and activities. 

As summer’s warm breeze turns into a gentle whisper, Septembersong roars to life, injecting a shot of creative adrenaline into the heart of the music community, and inviting kindred spirits to forge connections, ignite new ideas, and bask in the sonic expressions that make our hearts skip a beat.

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