Dublin’s September Girls – Caoimhe, Jessie, Lauren, Paula & Sarah – announce the release of ‘Veneer’ EP , recorded deep underground in Guerilla Studios in Dublin and out on November 24 via Fortuna Pop / Kanine Records. Here’s the lead track ‘Veneer’, another of their striking dark-hearted pop tunes…

Each of the four tracks of ‘Veneer’ EP is written and sung by a different member of the band…

‘Veneer’ was written by Caoimhe, who explains…”standing up to the force that stifles creativity and expression. Like a critical voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, it leaves you feeling empty and useless. “Seductive veneer” refers to the easy option, which is quitting. I think the message of the song is to ignore that voice and do it anyway.” September_GirlsBlack Oil – Sarah and I started jamming out the music one day in the studio. The imagery in the lyrics came from a couple of places, the first being a dream I had, the second being some crazy stuff I had written down on Christmas night last after a few drinks. The meaning of the lyrics “if I could swim, I’d be dead by now” is about acceptance of ones own limitations and the realisation that perhaps sometimes your perceived shortcomings can be the thing that saves you – Paula

Melatonin – There are many things that can keep you up at night; Melatonin is a lullaby to oneself to try to keep sane when plagued with insomnia – Jessie

Butterflies – About navigating life after heartbreak, negotiating the balance between heart and head, abandon and protection – Lauren

The band is set for a series of live shows at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon this month.
Tuesday 21 October – Cake Shop, 3:30pm
Tuesday 21 October – Oh My Rockness Showcase @ Cameo Gallery, 11pm
Wednesday 22 October – Kanine Party @ Pianos 4:20pm
Thursday 23 October – Culture Collide/Dr Martens @Knitting Factory, 2pm
Friday 24 October – Rough Trade 1:15pm
Friday 24 October – Music From Ireland Showcase @ The Delancey 7pm
Friday 24 October – Kanine Party @ Brooklyn Nite Bazaar 10pm