Scott Revell (vocals / guitar), James Patman (guitar), Kushal Gupta (bass), Tim Reyland (drums) collectively known as Secret Company, return with ‘Picture’, a sparkling slice of their flawless alternative pop delivering.

Lead singer & guitarist Scott Revell explains:

“I fell out with an old friend of mine and he went on to tell another mate of ours what happened. This other mate, hearing only his side of the story then stopped talking to me as a result. Frustrating, because I didn’t feel in the wrong at all and maybe if he’d have heard it from my point of view, things would have been different. But he never did.

Quite often, I think people will hear things about someone and then take that word as gospel. There’s always another side to the story, so I decided to tell mine with ‘Picture’.

The new track is the Chelmsford band’s solid follow up track to their debut ‘Saviour’ EP…