Trapped Animal Records unveil SCRATON’s lush remix of Neev’s ‘Seawall’

"Its uplifting but thoughtful vocals emitted the right aura needed to give it a new spin and bring out the electronic features with bright and deep sound"
25 March 2024

Trapped Animal Records, an independent label based in Cambridge, UK, proudly presents SCRATON’s remix of Neev’s folk track Seawall. This dynamic remix, complemented by a captivating visualizer, emerged victorious in the RepostExchange Seawall Remix Competition, captivating listeners with its tropical melodies and fresh take on the original.

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Neev is celebrated for her poignant and unforgettable songs, delving into themes like relationships and existential angst. Her debut album Katherine showcases her lyrical prowess with intricate indie-folk tracks.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, SCRATON has established himself as an independent artist with a global following. His passion for music, nurtured since childhood and refined through early experiments with music software, has culminated in a unique and vibrant musical style.

Neev shares her admiration for SCRATON’s remix, expressing, “The SCRATON Remix injects loads of fun into the original track, with beautiful high and low energy moments seamlessly mixed. It was fascinating to see what Tommy gravitated towards in terms of motifs and riffs from the song. It brings such summer vibes to the track – love it!”

Reflecting on Neev’s original track, SCRATON remarks, “The original song ‘Seawall’ by Neev evoked an immediate urge for inspiration upon listening. A constant reminder of how important it is to just let emotions take over and deliver the purest dream-like melodies through music as a whole. Its uplifting but thoughtful vocals emitted the right aura needed to give it a new spin and bring out the electronic features with bright and deep sound. Grateful it is enjoyed all around!”

The RepostExchange Seawall Remix Competition, held in Autumn 2023, provided an ideal platform for SCRATON to infuse his innovative approach into Neev’s acclaimed original folk track. Participants were tasked with reimagining Seawall, a standout piece from Neev’s debut album Katherine, and SCRATON’s submission garnered praise for its vibrant blend of elements paying homage to the original while introducing a lively and upbeat sound.

Judges commended SCRATON’s remix stating: “From its opening notes to its final echoes, SCRATON’s awe-inspiring take on Seawall skilfully and melodically turns Seawall into a sonic odyssey complete with melodies riding on tropical waves, and captivating us at every turn. From the glitches and scratches punctuating every twist and turn, we felt this remix retained the spirit of the original but with a refreshing spin and a catchy vocal hook. The strength of SCRATON’s production lies in their attention to detail, which is nothing short of outstanding.”